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Virtuoza Software InControl 2.5    

Virtuoza Software InControl 2.5 Manufacture: Other
Category: Special Offer
Retail Price: $ 79.95
Our Price: $ 39.95
You save: $ 40
Product Overview
Imagine your Windows faster and more reliable. Special Offer ; Other; download Virtuoza Software InControl 2.5. InControl is a startup manager that allows you to manage and clean-up programs that start-up with Windows. Its powerful and easy to use. Manage and cleanup the applications starting up with Windows. Quickly and easily! You can add new items to the startup or edit the ones already there. Thanks to the sophisticated but intuitive interface a single glance over the list will be enough for you to know what is going on. Remove all the applications you dont need from the startup. This will not only increase Windows startup speed but will make it more stable and reliant. InControl Startup Manager makes it easy to deal with unwanted programs. Some programs keep reappearing in the list, they are just too arrogant to accept your decision. Add these programs to the Black List and simply forget about them. InControl Startup Manager will make sure they will never bother you again. Heal the wounds your Windows got fighting shady programs. Heal My PC is powerful tool included free with InControl Startup Manager that will fix the registry and configuration problems that are most important for your systems well being. Have a healthy Windows in less than a minute!

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