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SnapReader 1.5    

SnapReader 1.5 Manufacture: Other
Category: Graphics and Design
Retail Price: $ 39.95
Our Price: $ 19.95
You save: $ 20
Product Overview
Contains both an editor/viewer and a word processor for saving and editing which includes an interactive spell checker. Graphics and Design ; Other; download SnapReader 1.5.

SnapReader is an innovative Document Recognition Toolkit that combines Document Imaging, OCR, Text and Speech Processing Tools. Our second generation technology is based on three years of research and development performed while field testing our first generation OCR applications. SnapReader Toolkit allows you to use nearly any digital camera or scanner for acquiring images from books, magazines or newspapers.

SnapReader Toolkit also includes Audrey, a very natural sounding Text To Speech Synthesizer. Audrey can be used to convert your documents to very high quality audio that can be played on your PC or portable music player.

SnapReader can be used to make your own searchable notes from almost any document image. Graphics and Design ; Other; download SnapReader 1.5. Or you can use it as an an authoring tool and create your own editable content using your scanner or camera and save the results as HTML or PDF. SnapReader can also transform text into very high quality audio using Audrey. So not only can you use your scanner or camera to capture documents, you can now also use your portable music player or smartphone to "read" them. Quickly convert your images to text using SnapReader.

Here are some key features of "SnapReader":

· Fast, accurate OCR with either a scanner or camera
· SnapReader's OCR engine does full document layout analysis
· Includes high quality Text To Speech voice Audrey
· Automatically corrects page orientation and skew
· Uses our second generation OCR and imaging technology
· OCR output formats include PDF, HTML, RTF, TXT and WAV
· Able to read 11 different languages
· Includes built-in text and image WYSIWYG editors
· Post-processing Spell Checker for all 11 Languages
· Text-To-Speech interface with a free MP3 encoder plug-In
· Camera capture diagnostics and easy to understand Tutorial
· Built-in easy to use Document Search Engine
· Automatic Camera Tethering
· Scan and OCR a document with just a single key press
· Supports single or multi-column format retention
· Works and plays well with other programs

Support Windows 2K / XP / Vista / 7

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