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Panopticum Lens Pro III 3.6 for Adobe Photoshop    

Panopticum Lens Pro III  3.6 for Adobe Photoshop Manufacture: Other
Category: Graphics and Design
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Product Overview
Panopticum Lens Pro 3. Graphics and Design ; Other; download Panopticum Lens Pro III 3.6 for Adobe Photoshop.0 is a new plug-in module for Adobe Photoshop and other graphic editors supporting the same standard. It helps user in creation of various lenses, crystals and glass surfaces. This module is a set of numerous effects for making glass objects and patterns of them. Every glass object of the set contains many adjustable parameters. The glass objects from the set contain high quality and fast drawing mechanism, which makes the obtained lens effects look spectacular and realistic. Adjusting the shape parameters of the lenses and crystals from the set will help you draw lenses and crystals of all sorts of shapes. In addition to suggested lens shapes you can always customize the shapes of lenses and crystals by selecting an area of that shape or downloading any shape from standard 3DS or VRML files. Besides the parameters of shape you can also adjust the optic properties of glass and luminosity of lenses, which will make your lenses expressive and attractive. Putting over some reflection to your lens as clouds,faces or inscriptions will make the lens look more realistic. The particles system mechanism will help you create complex patterns and backgrounds with lenses and crystals of various shape and color. The glass objects can be scattered of put into some pattern. You can adjust size, color, proportions, place and many other parameters for the lenses in system of particles. Special effects like gradual growing,explosion or fall into pieces and others can be used for 3D crystal objects. Here you can adjust the parameters of explosion strength,chaos and turbulence of glass pieces,gravity,the direction and strength of the wind, etc., which will increase the number of unique effects in your work. For example, your object can gradually fall apart under the force of the wind and the fallen pieces can continue to whirl in a tornado. The Panopticum Lens Pro 3.0 has been supplied with a unique graphics interface to ease your work and to make it the most interesting and efficient possible. As the plug-in contains numerous parameters, grouping them, hiding the unnecessary at the moment parameters or making them unavailable helped to create a more user- friendly interface with a bubble help for each parameter. You can easily change both the value and the range of values of the parameters. Graphics and Design ; Other; download Panopticum Lens Pro III 3.6 for Adobe Photoshop.

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