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Norton Save & Restore 2.0    

Norton Save & Restore 2.0 Manufacture: Symantec
Category: Antivirus and Security
Retail Price: $ 49.95
Our Price: $ 24.95
You save: $ 25
Product Overview
Norton Save & Restore is the new, consumer-friendly backup edition of Norton Ghost, which duplicates your hard disk`s contents on another drive and is better suited for a fast recovery after a disk crash. Antivirus and Security ; Symantec; download Norton Save & Restore 2.0. Norton Save & Restore includes all the drive image functionality of Ghost but adds the ability to back up and restore individual files and several helpful wizard. Norton Save & Restore 2 can automatically back up and recover everything on your computer in one easy step. You can back up the entire contents of your computer, so if your system crashes you can restore everything just the way it was. Or, save time and protect just those files and folders that are most important to you either way you choose, Norton Save & Restore 2 helps you all the way. Protect what you care about with new Norton Save & Restore 2. Everyone can agree that computer files, especially irreplaceable digital photos and important financial records, need regular backups to be protected.

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