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NextReports Designer 3.0    

NextReports Designer 3.0 Manufacture: Other
Category: Graphics and Design
Retail Price: $ 59.95
Our Price: $ 29.95
You save: $ 30
Product Overview
NextReports Designer is a lightweight, powerful and quick program to create various pleased queries, reports, reports, messages, etc. Graphics and Design ; Other; download NextReports Designer 3.0. in a special spreadsheet. The program is designed for rapid creation of documents, so forget about the long and tedious you create the necessary tables. Also, NextReports supports the most known databases Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Derby, Firebird and export files in HTML, EXCEL, PDF, RTF, CSV, TSV.

NextReports Designer is an AdHoc Query and Reporting tool that promotes simple, fast and powerful report creation, which runs on any operating system that supports Java 1.5.

Key features
  • Multi database support
  • NextReports Designer can connect to most popular databases, like Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Derby, Firebird

Competitive price

  • Less expensive than similar tools
  • Volume licensing available on request
  • Quick return of investment

Fast report designing
  • Two ways to create a report: query design and wizard
  • In-spreadsheet design, easy to use tabular structure
  • Predefined templates
  • Auto or Manual column size
  • Export to HTML, EXCEL, PDF, RTF, CSV, TSV, XML

Increased reports productivity
  • Build formatted reports in minutes
  • Use the wizard for even faster report creation
  • Steep learning curve
  • One-click server publishing

No need of SQL syntax knowledge
  • Create queries without SQL knowledge using a friendly graphical interface
  • Create queries from stored procedures
  • Filter Parameters 

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