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Natso Backup Server 2011    

Natso Backup Server 2011 Manufacture: Other
Category: Server Software
Retail Price: $ 419.95
Our Price: $ 129.95
You save: $ 290
Product Overview
natso Backup Server provides a centralized manager and all backups from a single computer. Server Software ; Other; download Natso Backup Server 2011.
Through network shares (SMB) network (LAN & VPN),natso Backup Server provides complete protection for all workstations and Windows laptops for your business.
  • Easy to use
  • Fonctionne sous Windows Vista,XP,7,NT4,2000,2003 et 2008 Server (en tant que SERVICE),Works with Windows Vista,XP,7,NT4,2000,2003 and
  • 2008 Server (as SERVICE)
  • Sauvegarde vers DVD+-R/W,CD-R/W,Lecteur ZIP,disques durs externes,cl USB,Serveur FTP et Serveur Rseau (NAS/LAN) ,Backup to DVD +-R / W,CD-R / W,ZIP drive,external hard drives,USB,FTP Server and Network Server (NAS / LAN)
  • Sauvegarde diffrentielle ,Differential backup,
  • Sauvegardes automatises et rapides,Automated backups and rapid
  • Sauvegardes chaud des fichiers ouverts ,Hot backups of open files
  • Restauration facile,Easy restoration,
  • Fonction Miroir (synchronisation des fichiers),Function Mirror (file synchronization)
  • Fonctionne en Mode Service systme de Windows,Works in Service Mode Windows system
  • Options Compression et cryptage 256 bits (AES),Compression options and 256-bit encryption (AES)
  • Assistance technique . Technical assistance. 

Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

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