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Merak Email Server Professional Suite 8.0    

Merak Email Server Professional Suite 8.0 Manufacture: Other
Category: Server Software
Retail Price: $ 895.95
Our Price: $ 99.95
You save: $ 796
Product Overview
Merak Mail Server is a full featured, completely secured fast and open standards-based mail server for Windows 2003/2000/NT/XP/9X which has become the top quality leading product on the market. Server Software ; Other; download Merak Email Server Professional Suite 8.0. Supports SMTP/POP3/IMAP4/HTTP/LDAP/IM Jabber protocols, Calendaring/GroupWare, Outlook Groupware features, Proxy server, Remote Administration, ODBC, Rich Content Filtering, Instant Messaging (Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ICQ, IM Jabber, Merak), Static Routes, System Monitor, Catalogs, Mailing List and List Server support, top quality professional built-in Antivirus, Instant Anti Spam features including DNSBL, bayesian filters, spam assassin, challenge response mechanism and simply everything your corporation needs and dreams of. In combination with the professional IceWarp Web Mail product and its Outlook like look Merak brings you the complete email solution for your corporation. Merak is dedicated to small and large corporations, ISPs and home users who want to have their life easier..

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