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McAfee WebReporter 5.0    

McAfee WebReporter 5.0 Manufacture: McAfee
Category: Office tools
Retail Price: $ 59.95
Our Price: $ 29.95
You save: $ 30
Product Overview
Business today is more Internet-dependent than ever before. Office tools ; McAfee; download McAfee WebReporter 5.0. From mission-critical services to productivity tools, Internet access to information, resources and communications is indispensable.
But this critical infrastructure can also deliver productivity drains, liability risks, bandwidth waste, and malware infection Safe surfng from within the business requires enterprise-class solutions for both security and traffc reporting. Organizations need scalable comprehensive reporting to understand their web use and to help ensure compliance McAfee Web Reporter gives organizations the tools they need to understand today s web traffc quickly and easily. Available for both McAfee SmartFilter and McAfee Web Gateway (formerly Webwasher), Web Reporter lets organizations identify trends, investigate potential problems and analyze security threats as a basis for refning and enforcing policies for secure web access

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