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Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX    

Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX Manufacture: Macromedia
Category: Programming and Development
Retail Price: $ 499.00
Our Price: $ 39.95
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Product Overview
Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX is a development framework and a deployment environment for rich communication applications. Programming and Development ; Macromedia; download Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX. A developer uses Macromedia Flash MX and Flash Communication Server MX to write a communication application, and then uses Flash Communication Server to deploy the application and its scripts. Flash Player 6 is the end user?s interface. The server is available only for Microsoft? Windows. However, you can also use either Windows or the Macintosh for your development environment.

* Macromedia Flash MX * Intel Pentium 200 MHz or equivalent processor running Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home, Windows 2000 Professional, or Windows NT 4.0 Workstation SP6 or later (Windows 98 and Windows ME are supported for application authoring, but not deployment) * 64 MB of available RAM (128 MB recommended) * 50 MB of available disk space * 16-bit color monitor capable of 1024 x 768 resolution * CD-ROM drive.

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