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KJClipper 1.2    

KJClipper 1.2 Manufacture: Other
Category: Graphics and Design
Retail Price: $ 79.95
Our Price: $ 29.95
You save: $ 50
Product Overview
Helps you cut out, clip, manipulate, modify, annotate, size irregular sections of photos

kjClipper is a photo editing application that allows you to cut out, clip, manipulate, color, paint, add text, or powerfully manipulate selections from a graphic image. Graphics and Design ; Other; download KJClipper 1.2.

You can use this software for creative photo editing, making collages and scrap books, as well as for specialized professional photography editing.

Here are some key features of "kjClipper":

· SELECTION (edge, region, area),
· MANIPULATION (resize, flip horizontal, flip vertical, rotate about an axis, perspective stretch),
· TOUCHUP (feather edge, blend, adjust contrast, despeckle, resample, smooth sharpen),
· MODIFY (erase, area fill color, area fill hue, add brush strokes),
· CREATE (add text, paint brush, color selection),
· CREATIVE EFFECTS (charcoal sketch, convert to gray, invert color) and REDUCE COLOR for web-based graphics.

Support Windows all

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