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Intuit QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2010 UK version    

Intuit QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2010 UK version Manufacture: Intuit
Category: Business
Retail Price: $ 129.95
Our Price: $ 49.95
You save: $ 80
Product Overview
Accounting and finance software leader in the U. Business ; Intuit; download Intuit QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2010 UK version.S. and Latin American market, now in its new 2010 version, which features expanded and maintains the main, manage multiple users, data of employees, customers, suppliers, manage the data from the server, store network data, payroll.
Intuit QuickBooks is currently used in numerous accounting firms in Central America, a vital tool for corporate control if it is.
Note: Read the instructions carefully.

Personalized sales and profitability reports
Keep track of your biggest moneymakers so that you know which products to promote and maintain the action, and the fall line.

Know the amount of time reports
The reporting system is so complete Intuit QuickBooks tell you the time needed for the preparation of this report with you in may organize time and not lose it.

Documents and track changes in orders
As common job changes, simply enter

change orders in the estimation to track the changes and their impact on your bottom line. The change orders included in the documents to print your customer so there are no surprises at the end of work.

Shows progressively customer accounts during the working phase
Track and bill customers for time and material, work phase, or the percentage of completion, which works best for your business.

Follow while expenditure per employee, project, customer or service and create an invoice
Decide who will check to see all customers with the passage of time and expenses not billed on a single screen. No need to create an invoice from scratch - just open the invoice screen and select time and expenses ea client and job combination. Best billable time and expenses are transferred directly to the invoice.

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