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History Sweeper v2.91    

History Sweeper v2.91 Manufacture: Other
Category: PC Diagnostics
Retail Price: $ 39.95
Our Price: $ 14.95
You save: $ 25
Product Overview
Whenever you use your computer, you will leave traces of your activities. PC Diagnostics ; Other; download History Sweeper v2.91. Investigators, your employer, your colleagues and friends, and your family members can find out what you have been doing on-line. They can find out what web sites you have visited, what documents you have used, what programs you have run, what music and movies you have played, and other activities. In addition, when you are on the Internet, you may have downloaded intrusive devices such as cookies, bugs, and spyware. These devices may strike at any time on your PC. These problems raise not just privacy concerns but serious security issues as well. History Sweeper is a program that cleans online history. History Sweeper can automatically clean up the history of your online activities and protect your privacy; remove intrusive devices from your PC and increase your online security; and save storage space and improve performance of your computer.

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