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Hide My Drives 3.1    

Hide My Drives 3.1 Manufacture: Other
Category: Antivirus and Security
Retail Price: $ 49.95
Our Price: $ 19.95
You save: $ 30
Product Overview
Hide any of your PC drives (Network, USB, DVD, Local. Antivirus and Security ; Other; download Hide My Drives 3.1. Password Protected. Hide My Drives allows user to hide, and protect any of your Windows PC drives. They all can be protected: USB, Network, Floppy, DVD, CD, local drives. Access to this utility can be protected by password. There is an feature included that enable you to disable the autorun feature for any of your drive of for a group of drives at once (fr example: all USB drives, or all CD drives...). Running Hide My Drives does not require the administrator account. The hidden drive will not be visible from any application, therefore the file stored on those hidden drives are safe from tampering. The probrams User Interface is extremely easy to use, and is represented with a single screen. All that has to be done is to check the drived to be protected and save your changes by clickinf Save button. Protect your files securily with Hide My Drives Support Windows all

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