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Fo2PiX ArtMasterPro 1.2    

Fo2PiX ArtMasterPro 1.2 Manufacture: Other
Category: Graphics and Design
Retail Price: $ 49.95
Our Price: $ 14.95
You save: $ 35
Product Overview
ArtMasterPro analyzes your photo and uses a process of segmentation to identify regions of interest in the image. Graphics and Design ; Other; download Fo2PiX ArtMasterPro 1.2. These regions are further simplified and broken down into sources of varying detail. The sources are then categorized according to content such as color information, outline detail, highlights and lowlights. Sources are presented as thumbnails which you select for painting and mixing onto the canvas. This can be done manually using brushes and various mixing modes, or through the use of ArtWizards—a pre-recorded series of actions. ArtMasterPro comes with 15 ArtWizards, and you can buy more online. You can also create your own ArtWizards by recording your actions. ArtWizards give you predictable, fast results while the manual mode lets you experiment to create something truly your own. The 15 Artwizards in ArtMasterPro are: Backlit Moonlight, Basic Form, Bleached Watercolour, Bronze Patina, Chalk Grey, Coloured Chrome, Distant View, Fire Light, Popart 1, Popart 2, Sand Dune, Summer Grass, Sensible Pencil, Sepia Age, and Warm Watercolour. You can also experiment by combining steps from different ArtWizards, or switching to manual mode during any step. ArtMasterPro offers many improvements over Fo2Pixs PhotoArtMaster home user product line—larger canvas sizes, automation, added file format support, stencils, and finer control. ArtMasterPro can certainly give an edge to serious professionals who wish to market their photos as high-value fine art.

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