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Fishbowl Inventory 4.6.1    

Fishbowl Inventory 4.6.1 Manufacture: Other
Category: Business
Retail Price: $ 1389.95
Our Price: $ 99.95
You save: $ 1290
Product Overview
As companies grow they find that the QuickBooks Inventory control capabilities are no longer sufficient for their inventory control needs. Business ; Other; download Fishbowl Inventory 4.6.1. They expand beyond multiple locations, the number of products they stock increases, they move into manufacturing, they need wireless barcoding, etc. This is what Fishbowl Inventory provides. Essentially, when a company integrates their package of QuickBooks (Pro, Premier or Enterprise) with Fishbowl Inventory, Fishbowl will take over all the inventory control functions from QuickBooks. The QuickBooks inventory functions are turned off and parts are no longer tracked in QuickBooks. From this point forward Fishbowl takes over all the Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Inventory Control, etc. from QuickBooks, then as work is done within Fishbowl that requires a change in the QuickBooks file, Fishbowl will write that information directly to the QuickBooks file for you.

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