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Filemaker 8.5 MAC    

Filemaker 8.5 MAC Manufacture: Other
Category: Office tools
Retail Price: $ 279.95
Our Price: $ 79.95
You save: $ 200
Product Overview
In Filemaker 8. Office tools ; Other; download Filemaker 8.5 MAC.5, the database maker incorporates a powerful, new set of features that broaden the scope of its abilities. We liked the last version, Filemaker 8, for spiffing up its interface and being able to export PDFs. Filemakers latest upgrade allows you embed Web pages within database layouts. Filemaker 8.5 is a user-friendly database application that will display and play anything your Web browser can: HTML, PDF pages, QuickTime videos, Java applets, and Flash animations, as well as SVG and PHP content. Therefore, you can view Google Maps, FedEx packages, Wikipedia entries, and more without leaving Filemaker to open a browser window. We havent seen anything like this in competing software, such as Microsoft Access. Filemaker 8.5 lets you drop Web pages into your database. You can link database fields to online data. Here, we embedded Wikipedia into our Contact page to display the digital encyclopedias description of our ...

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