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Electric Rain Swift 3D 6.0    

Electric Rain Swift 3D 6.0 Manufacture: Other
Category: Graphics and Design
Retail Price: $ 249.95
Our Price: $ 89.95
You save: $ 160
Product Overview
The ultimate 3D software for graphic and rich media designers using Adobe Flash and Microsoft Expression Blend. Graphics and Design ; Other; download Electric Rain Swift 3D 6.0. Swift 3D is the only 3D software to directly integrate with Flash through the Swift 3D File Importer and SmartLayer Technology and exports to Microsoft XAML. Swift 3Ds toolset and interface allow anyone to quickly create 3D content, while providing a full set of advanced tools to grow into. Swift 3D is a powerful, easy-to-use 3D solution that delivers high-quality results for an unbeatable price.

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