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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11    

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11 Manufacture: Corel
Category: Graphics and Design
Retail Price: $ 299.00
Our Price: $ 49.95
You save: $ 249.05
Product Overview
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is an impressive collection of powerful design software that can tackle all sorts of design jobs. Graphics and Design ; Corel; download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11. Included in the package are: CorelDRAW, the main application for vector design and layout; Corel PHOTO-PAINT, for editing and retouching photos, Corel CAPTURE, for screengrabs; ConceptShare, a collaboration service; and the Bitstream Font Navigator. There are also a bevy of smaller utilities such as a bar-code wizard and an app for helping users optimize two-sided printouts. With a suite that includes that many programs and features, its essential to have solid in-program help, and CorelDRAW is loaded with dynamic hints, video product tours, and hands-on project tutorials that will have you designing elements in no time. Expert advice from professional designers walks users through specific practices such as airbrushing logos and creating textile patterns. Two of the most interesting features of the X4 version are interactive tables and professional templates. The new table features are simple to use yet powerful, making it easy for anyone to add data to a newsletter or flier without spending much time at all on the presentation. Contextual hints on the right side of the interface will help out if users get stuck. The new templates for professionals are diverse and presented in a nifty interface that provides all sorts of useful information. You can sort templates by type--such as brochures, posters/signs, business cards, and newsletters--or by industry, although that list was empty except for Landscaping. The interface also includes a space for accessing your own saved CDT templates, which can be created easily through the File menu.

. Graphics and Design ; Corel; download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11
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