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Corel Paradox 9.0    

Corel Paradox 9.0 Manufacture: Corel
Category: other
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Product Overview
Paradox 9 allows users to store and retrieve data in a variety of ways and lets them create professional forms, charts, and reports to display the data. other ; Corel; download Corel Paradox 9.0. Paradox 9 is ideal for users who work with mission-critical data and who depend on reliable and efficient software applications. Paradox 9 is designed for sophisticated relational database users as well as first-time database users. For first-time users, Paradox 9 provides tools and features that introduce the basics of the desktop database application. Some of the new-user highlights include an online tutorial, database templates, Welcome screen, Visual Database Designer, and user aids such as SQL Query Expert and Find Duplicate Expert. Advanced users will benefit from the redesigned table structure and restructure dialogue boxes, dockable and customisable toolbars, and the Visual Query Builder. Paradox 9 is designed to let users import and export files from various programs, including Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access , without significant changes or modifications. ODBC drivers are also included to enable data sharing between different database applications. In addition, Paradox 9 has backward and forward compatibility so that files created in earlier versions of the application can be used in Paradox 9 and vice versa. other ; Corel; download Corel Paradox 9.0. It also supports Rich Text Format (RTF), .DOC, and .WPD file formats so users can share their reports; JPEG file format; and the Microsoft IntelliMouse so users can scroll and zoom in a table, form, or report. Paradox 9 includes the latest in Internet technology, so users can easily create Internet and intranet solutions. The Paradox Web Form Designer allows users to design electronic forms without writing code in WYSIWYG format by using embedded JavaBeans, meaning that users can drag and drop text boxes and drop-down lists and other objects. The Paradox JDBC driver is a tool to connect Java programs such as the Web Form Designer to databases such as Paradox. The HTML Table and Report Experts allow users to publish up-to-date data in Paradox tables and reports to a Web page, meaning that once a Paradox document is published to a Web page, the data is updated each time a user accesses that page.

. other ; Corel; download Corel Paradox 9.0
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