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Citrix Presentation Server Enterprise Edition 4.0    

Citrix Presentation Server Enterprise Edition 4.0 Manufacture: Other
Category: Server Software
Retail Price: $ 1449.95
Our Price: $ 99.95
You save: $ 1350
Product Overview
Presentation Server 4. Server Software ; Other; download Citrix Presentation Server Enterprise Edition 4.0.0 significantly improves server performance and scalability, providing instant return on investment and a better end-user experience. The introduction of CPU utilization management and virtual memory optimisation help deliver a higher number of applications and up to 25% more users per server —enhancing server-consolidation cost reductions. Application isolation environments and virtual IP addresses enable a broader range of applications to run on Presentation Server, and allow troublesome applications or multiple versions to run on the same server. A completely new universal print driver prints up to four times faster than before, allows use of advanced printer functions and enables session printer policies for printing to the closest printer when roaming. For heterogeneous environments, Presentation Server, Enterprise Edition now includes Windows and UNIX products and unified licensing to make purchasing and licensing easier. Finally, Conferencing Manager is now included in this product offering, for real-time application conferencing, and shares unified licensing with Presentation Server. Introducing an opportunity to solve your business and IT challenges Presentation Server provides an exceptional foundation on which to build highly scalable, flexible, secure, manageable access solutions that reduce computing costs and increase the utility of any information system. CD1 - for W2003 CD2 - for W2K CD3 - Components CD CD4 - for Unix Support Windows 2000/2003 and Unix

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