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Canon DSLR Resize Pro 1.1 for Adobe Photoshop CS2    

Canon DSLR Resize Pro 1.1 for Adobe Photoshop CS2 Manufacture: Other
Category: Software plugins
Retail Price: $ 29.95
Our Price: $ 14.95
You save: $ 15
Product Overview
From the creation of the popular SI Pro (Stair Interpolation) plugin, Resize Pro™ has evolved. Software plugins ; Other; download Canon DSLR Resize Pro 1.1 for Adobe Photoshop CS2. This new Photoshop plug-in series specializes in interpolating your images. The process it uses provides much better results than the current interpolation tools on the market since it is based on pixel contrast. What this does, is automatically select the pixels that are essentially responsible for the appearance of detail in your image, and gives them a special treatment during the interpolation process. This treatment results in a more detailed, natural looking image at any selected print size. After running this plugin, your interpolated image will not suffer from any of the common side effects like artifacts or halos around high contrast areas. Another great feature is speed! Resize Pro™ can upsize your files at almost the same speed regardless of which image size you choose. When it comes to downsampling, any method requires a loss of pixel count. What Resize Pro™ can do is downsample your image while maintaining the highest quality possible. It achieves this by carefully choosing which pixels get thrown out during the process. Resize Pro™ is an advanced tool that also provides you with the ability to save and load your own profiles.

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