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Cakewalk Project5 (Soft Synth Workstation)    

Cakewalk Project5 (Soft Synth Workstation) Manufacture: Cakewalk
Category: other
Retail Price: $ 499.95
Our Price: $ 99.95
You save: $ 400
Product Overview
The Definitive Audio Production Environment Striking the perfect balance between passion and precision, SONAR 5 shatters the limitations found in ordinary digital audio workstations. other ; Cakewalk; download Cakewalk Project5 (Soft Synth Workstation). Offering a complete spectrum of creative technologies, SONAR 5 inspires your artistic expression. These technologies are fully integrated within a cutting edge engineering and mixing environment to transform your musical dreams into professional finished productions. Version 5 adds an arsenal of responsive instruments, more effects, and powerful editing tools including Roland V-Vocal VariPhrase technology. These features are complemented by a double precision floating point engine that delivers dramatic increases in dynamic range. SONAR’s pristine 64-bit audio engine, seamless and accessible even on 32-bit computers, sets new standards for digital mixing. In addition, SONAR 5 introduces ground-breaking advances in RAM and native processing power on systems running Windows XP x64 Edition. Grammy and Emmy Award winning musicians, producers, composers, sound designers, and engineers around the world turn to SONAR daily to fire their inspiration and deliver professional results. Whether you are one of these select few, or are aspiring for greatness, SONAR 5 is the definitive audio production environment for all your needs. The Definitive Audio Production Environment

* Intel Pentium 4 1.3 Ghz/AMD Athlon XP 1500+ RAM: * 128 MB Hard Disk Space * 1024 X 768, 16-bit color MIDI Interface * Windows compatible Sound Card

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