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Cakewalk Guitar Studio    

Cakewalk Guitar Studio Manufacture: Cakewalk
Category: Multimedia and Entertainment
Retail Price: $ 249.95
Our Price: $ 39.95
You save: $ 210
Product Overview
Cakewalk Guitar Studio is a MIDI and digital audio recording software package designed for guitarists. Multimedia and Entertainment ; Cakewalk; download Cakewalk Guitar Studio. It provides all of the tools a guitar player needs to record, edit and mix projects from start to finish. Features Produce guitar-based music with full accompaniment Record, edit and mix up to 16 tracks of audio along with up to 256 MIDI tracks Apply up to 16 real-time audio effects, like chorus, reverb, echo/delay and any other DirectX plug-in effect. Compose and arrange MIDI tracks with the Virtual Fretboard Create sheet music with guitar chord grids and lyrics Seamless integration with the optional Roland-Ready Strat and the Roland GR-30 guitar synthesizer Works with any guitar

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