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CA AllFusion Model Manager 7.1 SP2    

CA AllFusion Model Manager 7.1 SP2 Manufacture: Other
Category: Programming and Development
Retail Price: $ 1495.95
Our Price: $ 49.95
You save: $ 1446
Product Overview
CA ERwin Model Manager is a scalable, multi-user modeling environment that facilitates effective modeler collaboration. Programming and Development ; Other; download CA AllFusion Model Manager 7.1 SP2. Serving as the integration hub for two award-winning modeling tools – CA ERwin® Data Modeler and CA ERwin Process Modeler. Streamlined and optimized delivery processes translate into cost savings, increased quality, improved efficiency and accountability with the net result being increased customer satisfaction. Features and Benefits: Modelers can collaborate on multiple projects simultaneously Store, access and analyze the history of a model and the changes made to it with version management Automatically alerts to the existence and nature of conflicting modeling efforts, and guides through the reconciliation of these conflicts in order to maximize productivity and help ensure model integrity Merge Manager can be used to specify model objects to be included in merged models Supports regulatory compliance and internal tracking by providing change summaries showing the impact of any changes and the history of the affected model Enhanced access violation management and Security Violations Dialog to identify proposed model changes that exceed assigned permissions

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