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Borland CodeWright 7.5    

Borland CodeWright 7.5 Manufacture: Borland
Category: Programming and Development
Retail Price: $ 299.95
Our Price: $ 79.95
You save: $ 220
Product Overview
The Programmers Editing System, is designed to boost productivity with peer-to-peer connectivity for remote communication and file editing. Programming and Development ; Borland; download Borland CodeWright 7.5. Timesaving features include advanced search and replace, an editable Difference Window, syntax coloring, code intelligence, and customizable templates and snippets for code reuse. Tailor CodeWright options and keymaps to enhance usability. Synchronize CodeWright files with Borland? and Microsoft? IDEs. Leverage macros for automation and DLL support for additional functionality within CodeWright. The editing system is built to incorporate compilers, version control and other third-party applications into a powerful, unified environment. CodeWright 7.5 - engineered to create better software faster.

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