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BitClamp MAC    

BitClamp MAC Manufacture: Other
Category: Antivirus and Security
Retail Price: $ 39.95
Our Price: $ 14.95
You save: $ 25
Product Overview
Introducing BitClamp, the encryption software for Mac OS X. Antivirus and Security ; Other; download BitClamp MAC. Easily secure confidential documents and personal files with trusted 448-bit Blowfish, AES 256-bit and 256-bit Serpent encryption. Simply drag and drop the required files to encrypt your documents with industry-standard encryption methods for remarkable security. BitClamp is the only brand of encryption software offering file mimicking - a feature used to hide encrypted data within other files for optimal security. In addition, smart Covert features can further disguise your files by giving them unrelated names. All of this and more makes BitClamp a trusted, easy-to-use and affordable encryption utility for Mac OS X. Download the free 15-day trial today to secure your files.

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