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BarTender RFID Enterprise Edition 7.7    

BarTender RFID Enterprise Edition 7.7 Manufacture: Other
Category: Programming and Development
Retail Price: $ 295.95
Our Price: $ 24.95
You save: $ 271
Product Overview
The BarTender Enterprise Edition is designed for running under the control of other Windows programs, as well as software running on mainframes and minicomputers. Programming and Development ; Other; download BarTender RFID Enterprise Edition 7.7. ActiveX Automation While BarTender has long been controlled by using “command line parameters,” ActiveX Automation makes it BarTender more powerful and flexible. ActiveX is a Microsoft standard by which Windows programs can communicate with and control each other. With ActiveX Automation, the BarTender can operate as the label printing module of numerous Windows programs, without the user even knowing the BarTender is there.

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