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BackRex Expert Backup 2.8    

BackRex Expert Backup 2.8 Manufacture: Other
Category: System tools
Retail Price: $ 29.95
Our Price: $ 14.95
You save: $ 15
Product Overview
Allows you to backup your current Windows system custom settings BackRex Expert Backup is a settings backup and restore tool. System tools ; Other; download BackRex Expert Backup 2.8. It allows you to save your current Windows configuration, such as desktop layout, mouse cursors schemes, sound schemes, regional settings, etc. BackRex Expert Backup will also save customizations of Microsoft Office 95/97/2000/XP suite, including Outlook, Eudora, The Bat!, IncrediMail mail clients, settings and data of Outlook Express and Internet Explorer including personal address books, mail folders, dial-up preferences and much more. BackRex Expert Backup can help you to migrate all your settings and customizations from one computer to another, even with different version of Windows (for example from Windows 98 to Windows XP or vice versa). BackRex Expert Backup is very useful for IT people who support multiple workstations - using BackRex Expert Backup, reinstalling several computers becomes very simple. To setup customized environment for every user, you just restore user settings into the fresh installed system. In BackRex Expert Backup you have full control of entire backup and restore process, selecting which settings you want to save or retrieve. In addition, BackRex Expert Backup has an option to save and restore all recent files and documents you work with. Support Windows all

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