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Automatedqa Testcomplete 5.13 Enterprise    

Automatedqa Testcomplete 5.13 Enterprise Manufacture: Other
Category: Programming and Development
Retail Price: $ 1999.95
Our Price: $ 269.95
You save: $ 1730
Product Overview
Today automated testing plays a vital role in many software development projects. Programming and Development ; Other; download Automatedqa Testcomplete 5.13 Enterprise. Automated software testing has long been thought critical for large development organizations, but is often considered to be too expensive and difficult to implement for smaller companies. AutomatedQA’s TestComplete breaks this stereotype. It delivers automated functional, unit, regression, manual, data-driven, object-driven, distributed and HTTP load, stress and scalability testing in one easy-to-use and totally integrated package at an affordable price. TestComplete is a full-featured environment for automated testing of Windows, .NET, Java, WPF (XAML) applications, web pages, web servers and web services. It has been designed to free developers and QA departments from the massive drain on time and energy required by manual testing. TestComplete is systematic, automated, and structured testing tool, with superior support for .NET, Java, Visual C++, Visual Basic, WPF (XAML), Delphi, C++Builder and web applications. It is equally oriented for testing 32-bit and 64-bit applications. With TestComplete you can also test PowerBuilder, FoxPro, Access and other applications. TestComplete is the ultimate solution to perform nightly tests and to help you get reliable daily builds of your software. TestComplete tools and features let every member of your team, developers and non-developers, no matter how technically savvy, contribute to your testing projects. Once you start using TestComplete, you will be able to turn every test run into a key contribution to your overall development efforts. TestComplete will keep your projects on schedule and on spec, the team confident, and the work 100% productive.

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