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Autodesk Land Desktop 2006    

Autodesk Land Desktop 2006 Manufacture: Autodesk PSG
Category: Programming and Development
Retail Price: $ 4995.95
Our Price: $ 129.95
You save: $ 4866
Product Overview
Autodesk Land Desktop 2006 is the AutoCAD for land planning and surveying professionals. Programming and Development ; Autodesk PSG; download Autodesk Land Desktop 2006. Built on AutoCAD® 2006 and Autodesk Map® 3D 2006 software platforms, Autodesk Land Desktop enables land professionals to create maps, model terrain, label COGO points, perform alignments, and define parcels quickly and easily. * Improved production drafting, unmatched data interoperability, and new drawing sheet management. * Enhanced land development features and industry-leading analysis and drafting tools. * Complete set of imperial and metric CAD standards for the land planner and surveyor. * Built on the AutoCAD 2006 foundation and components of Autodesk Map 3D 2006. * Collaborate more effectively because critical data – including points, terrain models, and alignments- are centrally stored. * Complete submittal sets faster than ever – detail creation functionality helps you create, annotate, and manage construction details quickly and easily.

* Microsoft® Windows® XP (Professional, Home, Tablet PC Edition) or Microsoft® Windows® 2000 SP4 (or later) * Intel® Pentium® III, 800 MHz * 516 Mb RAM * 1 GB free disk space * 1024 x 768 monitor and display adapter capable of 24-bit color

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