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Aspen Plus 10.2    

Aspen Plus 10.2 Manufacture: Other
Category: Business
Retail Price: $ 129.95
Our Price: $ 59.95
You save: $ 70
Product Overview
Aspen Plus® is the most widely used modeling system in the process industries. Business ; Other; download Aspen Plus 10.2. Customers use it to generate highly detailed and accurate models for use across the full manufacturing life cycle, from R&D through engineering and into production. Based on a single, consistent model generated from Aspen Plus, engineers can use additional technologies from the Plantelligence suite for dynamic simulation and operability analysis, heat integration studies, distillation synthesis studies and real-time optimization. Aspen Plus' OPC support makes it easier for users to validate and tune their models with actual process data.
Product Features
Match Actual Plant: Combines equipment rating models coupled with the exclusive Data-Fit utility for
developing high-fidelity models that match actual plant performance.
Unit Operation Models: Contains a comprehensive library of over 50 built-in unit operation models that
cover the entire range of process equipment and operating conditions
Model Analysis: Includes a set of powerful model analysis tools that help you maximize the benefits from
your process model
Client-server: The graphical interface client runs on PCs with Windows 95 or NT. The computational engine
server is supported on a variety of platforms ranging from PCs to workstations and supercomputers. Business ; Other; download Aspen Plus 10.2.   

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