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Apple Final Cut Express 4.0 MacOSX    

Apple Final Cut Express 4.0 MacOSX Manufacture: Apple
Category: Multimedia and Entertainment
Retail Price: $ 129.95
Our Price: $ 59.95
You save: $ 70
Product Overview
Now you can edit like a pro with Final Cut Express 4. Multimedia and Entertainment ; Apple; download Apple Final Cut Express 4.0 MacOSX. Start by capturing DV, HDV and AVCHD footage or import your movie from iMovie 08 - and discover the advanced moviemaking power at your disposal in the new, Open Format Timeline. 

Ready for still more? 

Add dynamic titles and graphics using LiveType. 

Final Cut Express 4 delivers all the tools you need to make great movies. 

Apples powerful moviemaking package now supports the latest AVCHD cameras, features an open format Timeline, provides iMovie 08 compatibility, and offers sophisticated effects and filters. 

  • Built-in AVCHD 
  • Offering plenty of creative options, Final Cut Express 4 lets you edit footage captured in the most popular formats - including AVCHD. 
  • Simply connect your camcorder to your Mac, preview and select the AVCHD clips youd like to import, and start editing your video. 
  • Open format Timeline 
  • No need to worry about formats, frame rates, or conversions. Final Cut Express 4 provides an open format Timeline that handily accommodates DV (both NTSC and PAL) and HD footage simultaneously and in real time.Just drop video into the Timeline and edit away. 
  • Import iMovie 08 projects With iMovie 08, putting together a great movie is as quick as drag and drop. When you want to add professional polish to your project, simply export to Final Cut Express 4 and edit like a pro. 
  • Sophisticated FxPlug effects and filters 
  • Add cinematic looks to your project with an expansive library of professional-quality transitions and filters and experiment with over 50 brand-new video effects, including Soft Focus, Vignette, Light Rays, and Line Art. 

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