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Antares Kantos VST RTAS 1.0    

Antares Kantos VST RTAS 1.0 Manufacture: Other
Category: Multimedia and Entertainment
Retail Price: $ 149.95
Our Price: $ 24.95
You save: $ 125
Product Overview
From the company that revolutionized vocal intonation processing comes kantos 1. Multimedia and Entertainment ; Other; download Antares Kantos VST RTAS 1.0.0, a software-based synthesizer that finally liberates you from the tyranny of MIDI, keyboards, controllers or, in fact, anything that stands between you and the music you hear in your mind. Whether you are looking for an alternative to conventional controllers, or are looking to produce electronic music with a level of dynamic expression thats simply not otherwise possible, kantos 1.0 will, quite literally, change the way you make music. Antares Kantos 1.0 provides a combination of traditional synthesizer functions and new functions unique to audio control. They include: * 2 Wavetable Oscillators * Pitch Constraint and Quantization Control * Noise Source * 3 Resonant Multimode Filters * 2 Chorus Generators * Timbral Articulator * 2 Envelope Generators * 2 LFOs * Modulation Matrix * Gate Generator * Noise Gate * Delay Line * Mixers * A Cool UI (well, its not actually part of the engine, but it gets you in the mood) The kantos 1.0 articulator is a unique module that takes the harmonic content and formant information from the input signal and dynamically applies it to the synthesized signal. It can either reproduce the input signals formant and harmonic characteristics with uncanny accuracy or, through the use of its formant offset and resonance controls, warp them into a variety of mutant forms. kantos 1.0 ships with a variety of traditional - and not so traditional - wavetables. As we develop new wavetables, well make them available for download from our web site. And for the more adventurous, well show you how you can create your own custom wavetables with pretty much any audio or sample edit.

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