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Alap Intools 1.0 for Adobe Indesign    

Alap Intools 1.0 for Adobe Indesign Manufacture: Other
Category: Software plugins
Retail Price: $ 99.95
Our Price: $ 34.95
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Product Overview
InTools is a set of powerful plug-ins for use with Adobe InDesign. Software plugins ; Other; download Alap Intools 1.0 for Adobe Indesign. This set of tools will help expedite your most common publishing tasks as well as simplify your more daunting ones. Whatever your InDesign needs are geared towards - layout, design, or production - InTools has something for you. InTools includes: InStarburst: InStarburst provides a quick method for creating and customizing attention-getting starbursts, which are completely editable. InItemMarks: InItemMarks provides convenient methods for making custom crop marks and registration marks for individual objects and pages. InPrint: InPrint lets you select a portion of an InDesign page and either print it to a disk file using one of many file formats. InNudge: InNudge lets you interactively adjust the position and rotation of objects and pictures with an intuitive palette. InPathfinder: InPathfinder combines selected objects into single objects to create compound shapes, and it lets you alter objects according to the shapes of overlapping objects. InModify: InModify provides a single dialog box for modifying all the attributes of a selected object or group, including options such as size, placement, stroke, angle, and fill.

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