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AdsGone Spyware Blocker and Popup Killer 2007    

AdsGone Spyware Blocker and Popup Killer 2007 Manufacture: Other
Category: Internet
Retail Price: $ 29.95
Our Price: $ 9.95
You save: $ 20
Product Overview
Amazingly, a recent study determined that about 39% of all downloaded content on the web is composed of pop-up and banner ads. Internet ; Other; download AdsGone Spyware Blocker and Popup Killer 2007 This staggering figure continues to grow at a rapid rate as online advertisers lobby for your attention. As many as 89% of all computers are infected with Spyware or Adware. This alarming figure continues to grow at a rapid rate as viruses, spyware, adware, and other threats continue to plague Internet Users. In order to fight all the Swpyare, Adware, and popups, A1Tech, Inc. has developed and enhanced our award-winning AdsGone Spyware Blocker and Popup Killer® software for 2007. This one product alone is all youll ever need to keep the Internet free of hazardous popups, spyware, adware, and banner advertisements. More than just a popup blocker: Vista Compatible - AdsGone has been tested and works on Microsoft Vista Patent Pending Popup Blocking Technology: Blocks unwanted popup ads. Allows the ones you want. Prevent Messenger Service and Web Page Dialog Ads: Block Banner Ads: Remove all the clutter of all the flashing banner ads. Kill Spyware and AdWare programs: AdsGone can detect and close trojan/virus spyware programs that serve ads. Blocks ads from other programs: AdsGone also blocks ads and popups when using Kazaa, Morpheus, Gator, or Chat programs like ICQ, MSN, AIM, or Trillian. Block Macromedia Flash ads: These large animated ads take up half the screen. Automatic Updates: AdsGone periodically downloads new ad blocking data once in a while. This keeps AdsGone current with the latest advertiser tricks and spyware/adware detection. Configurable: You can customize which ads to block or allow, play sounds when popups and ads are blocked, check ad blocking logs, see ad blocking statistics and much more...

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