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AddNewFriends MySpace FriendBlasterPro 12.3    

AddNewFriends MySpace FriendBlasterPro 12.3 Manufacture: Other
Category: Internet
Retail Price: $ 49.95
Our Price: $ 29.95
You save: $ 20
Product Overview
Grasp the power of a site which receives over 1 billion hits per day, to your advantag e when marketing your product, service, event, or bands. Internet ; Other; download AddNewFriends MySpace FriendBlasterPro 12.3. Marketing with FriendBlasterPro through MySpace accounts is the cutting edge way to advertise to a large audience and being cost effective at the same time.


  •  Target your market based on a members age, sex, geographic location, interests, and more.
  •  Auto Messenger that allows you to send out messages to all of your friends or to any specified target market.
  •  Auto Commenter feature that allows you to send out comments to all of your friends.
  •  Timed Bulletins feature that gives you full control of “how many” and “when” to send out Bulletins.
  •  Multiple registered accounts can now be chained together!
  •  Set FriendBlasterPro to auto start (with use of Multiple account Feature).

Support Windows XP/2000/Vista/Win 7

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