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Active To-Do List 3.0    

Active To-Do List 3.0 Manufacture: Other
Category: Business
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Product Overview
Easy to use Task Management

Active To-Do List organizer tracks your tasks in an easy to use manner. Business ; Other; download Active To-Do List 3.0. Quickly record as many notes as you need for each task, and organize your tasks into categories or even different to-do lists.

Tasks can be set to repeat at a wide variety of intervals so repeating tasks only need to be entered once. Remind yourself with a variety of alarm options including a popup window, playing a sound, sending an email reminder, or running any program.

Your to-do list can be published to your web site with the push of a button, so you can view it even while you're away from your computer. Active To-Do List is very simple to learn and use, but also offers advanced filtering and searching capabilities when needed.

Here are some key features of "Active To-Do List":

Multiple To-Do Lists:
· Create as many to-do lists as you need. You may want to organize your tasks into different to-do lists. Each person in your family could have their own to-do list, or you could have one for work, and one for home.

Unlimited Tasks:
· Each to-do list can contain an unlimited number of tasks.

Task Alarms:
· Each task can have alarms set to help remind you. An alarm can be set to pop up a message window, play a sound, send out an email, or run any program you want.

Repeating Tasks:
· Tasks can be set to automatically repeat at a specified interval. Choose from One Time, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly repeat frequencies. Business ; Other; download Active To-Do List 3.0. Each repeat frequency is very customizable so you can achieve nearly any desired repeat pattern.

Publish to Web:
· With the click of a button, publish your to-do list to your web site. This is ideal for sharing your to-do list with others, or to access your to-do list when you are away from home. All you need is a web browser to view your online to-do list. Here is a sample published to-do list. You can customize which data fields are in the list, and adjust the fonts/colors to your liking.

Categorize Your Tasks:
· Organize your tasks by assigning them to categories. For example, you may want to create categories for separate projects, or you could have "Home" and "Business" categories. Tasks can belong in any number of categories.

· Print your tasks in a list or table format. Print them in a detailed report format. Printing is very customizable, so you can make your printouts appear just as you want.

Print Preview:
· Preview your print job before printing to make sure it appears just as you want. Business ; Other; download Active To-Do List 3.0.

Support Windows 2K / XP / Vista / 7

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