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Acronis Universal Restore for True Image Echo Workstation 9.5    

Acronis Universal Restore for True Image Echo Workstation 9.5 Manufacture: Other
Category: System tools
Retail Price: $ 49.95
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Product Overview
Restore to Different Hardware or to a Virtual Machine Acronis® Universal Restore allows you to restore to different hardware or to a virtual machine, providing complete disaster recovery. System tools ; Other; download Acronis Universal Restore for True Image Echo Workstation 9.5. Disaster recovery planning and tools that enable business continuity are requirements for every business. Acronis® Universal Restore prepares you for even the most unforeseen events. How does the Acronis Universal Restore feature work? The feature continues the Acroni® True Image benefit of being easy to use. In order to use this option effectively, you must first prepare your Acronis® True Image environment. Preparation Install the Acronis® Universal Restore option. Please note that Acronis® True Image Echo must be licensed and installed for Acronis® True Image Universal Restore to function. Create bootable media with the Universal Restore option selected. Now you are ready to replace any system! Restoration with Acronis® Universal Restore You can restore an image to a new system in 5 easy steps. Boot your replacement system with the bootable media you created and select Recovery in the Acronis® True Image menu Step 2:Select the image to restore and the Acronis® Universal Restore option Step 3:Acronis® Universal Restore initiates the restore process Step 4:Acronis® Universal Restore detects the hardware and installs drivers The product detects the machine type and installs appropriate drivers for Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) The product detects hard disk controllers (SCSI and IDE) or The product prompts you for driver locations Step 5:The machine reboots Once this process has completed, you have a working system to a replacement machine. No reinstallation of the operating system and applications is required. No re-configuration to join the network is required, as the product retains Security Identifier (SID) and network information of the system during recovery. With Acronis Universal Restore, complete system recovery can be accomplished from an image, with no reinstallation of the operating system, applications or any reconfigurations or individual files and folders restored. Because Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server creates a transportable image that disassociates the data from the underlying hardware, recovery can be performed to an existing system, to a new system with different hardware, or to a virtual server Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista

. System tools ; Other; download Acronis Universal Restore for True Image Echo Workstation 9.5
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