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Abylon SHAREDDRIVE 6.50    

Abylon SHAREDDRIVE 6.50 Manufacture: Other
Category: Antivirus and Security
Retail Price: $ 59.95
Our Price: $ 24.95
You save: $ 35
Product Overview
The abylon SHAREDDRIVE (encrypted file clipboard) is shown in the MS File Explorer as an independent drive. Antivirus and Security ; Other; download Abylon SHAREDDRIVE 6.50. The complete integration into the Explorer environment simplify the using of the software. When storing files in the SHAREDDRIVE the encrypting (Blowfish - 448 bits / AES - 256 bits) works automatically in the background, without additional operation by the user. The file-based structure allow the simultaneous access of several users, on crashes limits the data loss to a minimum and reduces the data transfer volume in case of a backup. The encrypted files can be stored on the local computer, on a network computer or a ftp server. Security is increased by masking of the file names. Over the network or internet the transfer of the data is always encrypted. The encryptions occurs only on the client. As secret (key) can be used a password, a Smartcard, a USB-Storage medium or a CD/DVD to open the SHAREDDRIVE. In companies for the access authorization also the use of X.509 certificates (hybrid system, PKCS, RSA) are supported.

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