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Ability Mail Server 2.61    

Ability Mail Server 2.61 Manufacture: Other
Category: Server Software
Retail Price: $ 449.90
Our Price: $ 19.95
You save: $ 429.95
Product Overview
SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, WebMail, LDAP, Remote Admin, SSL, Antivirus and Anti-SPAM Ability Mail Server has been created to be useful, fast, small, reliable, advanced and with many features. Server Software ; Other; download Ability Mail Server 2.61. Ability Mail Server is capable of running on both the Internet and a LAN (i.e. for external and/or internal mail systems). Features include incoming/outgoing SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, WebMail, Remote Admin, Virus Protection, mailing lists, static routing, automatic sign-ups, aliases, redirection, auto-responses, mulitple folders, address books and more. This allows you to run a very flexible mail service, giving your users access to their mail through any email client (such as Outlook) and also from any web browser (Hotmail style access). All these advanced features are easily controlled via the built in easy to use setup wizard. For more experienced users, there is also the option of configuring all the settings manually. Here are some key features of Ability Mail Server: SMTP - Receive and send mail. Secure your SMTP with options including SMTP Authentication, Tarpitting, IP transfer limits and hop count limits. POP3 - Use almost any mail client to read and reply to your mail. IMAP4 - Advanced, synchronized access to your mail, allowing easier control over your accounts from multiple locations. WebMail - Fully customizable hotmail-style access to your accounts via any web browser. Features include SPAM control, custom filters, POP3 Retrievals, address books, signatures, auto-responses and more. Remote Admin - Remote access to your settings, user accounts and logs via any web browser. Server Software ; Other; download Ability Mail Server 2.61. 128-bit SSL - Secure access to your mail with 128-bit SSL encryption. SPAM and RBL Protection - Reduce unwanted SPAM mails with our new SPAM detection and RBL server options. Antivirus Protection - Protect users from viruses by integrating your mail server with almost any existing antivirus product. Content Filtering - Set up rules to control your mail content, run applications, send new mail and much more. POP3 Retrievals - Automatically download mails from other mail servers into local accounts. LDAP - Allow users to access shared address book information and allow other software to query the server for existing users. Mailing Lists - Send bulk mails to multiple email addresses and accounts. Opt-in mailing lists allow users to automatically add and remove themselves. Auto-Responses - Automatically send an email in response to new incoming mail. ODBC - Store and control vital user information using an ODBC database. Integrate your mail server with other applications and web scripts.

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