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3delite TRegistration Delphi 1.3    

3delite TRegistration Delphi 1.3 Manufacture: Other
Category: other
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Product Overview
A Delphi component for use in Win32 (9x/ME/2K/XP) software. other ; Other; download 3delite TRegistration Delphi 1.3. Main aim is simplicity, its not for a hardcore program protection. On the contrary, its for convinience. To display the users name in dialogs, etc. You put it on the form and have a component that handles the registered/unregistered state of your application and includes a form for the user. You can select (and specify exactly) where do you want to keep your settings an .ini file or the registry, has a couple of events also (you can replace the registration number calculating algorithm in no time with an event) and properties too. The other part of the component is the Registration Tool, with which you can handle and manage the registration database. The system is designed for manual use: Registering a user takes maximum around a minute work or less (there is an Add e-mail in clipboard option also) Multiple projects can be managed You can handle max. 1 million registered users (999999 registrators maximum) English and Hungarian user interface

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