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3D Cuisine Deluxe    

3D Cuisine Deluxe Manufacture: Other
Category: Graphics and Design
Retail Price: $ 139.95
Our Price: $ 49.95
You save: $ 90
Product Overview
3D Kitchen Deluxe can easily draw the plans for the kitchen, instantly view 3D and decorate it so highly personalized, ideal for those with a renovation project, development or design. Graphics and Design ; Other; download 3D Cuisine Deluxe. In addition, the new engine more powerful Arcon 9.0, reference architecture professional and consumer guarantee an ultra-realistic 3D rendering.

• Arcon, the standard engine 3D architecture with ultra-realistic 3D rendering
• The complete solution to renovate or develop its cuisine according to his tastes
• Advanced tools to build and equip the kitchen in detail
• A single interface for drawing all his plans in 2D, view and instantly see the same project in real-time 3D
• Get started quickly and easily with intuitive interface and manual handling
• Compatibility with the new OS Windows Vista ™
• INCLUDED! 20,000 3D objects and textures ** adapted to the French market to furnish and decorate your kitchen ... Graphics and Design ; Other; download 3D Cuisine Deluxe.
• Create and customize wallpaper, paneling and other texture
• Tool detailed costing for the development and design with consideration of floor areas, wall, and volume
• 20 professional tools to create
• INCLUDED! Bonus kitchen furniture from the collection "The Quick" of Cuisinella
• INCLUDED! A guide to the layout of the kitchen (pdf) by Travaux.com
• Manual handling printed in color
And still, the advanced features of 3D Kitchen
• Start easy with the Startup Wizard and five models fitted kitchens integrated software
• Draw your plan in 2D, and the millimeter scale and French standards
• Create standard virtual walls (to handle different textures in the same room), beams and walls
• Choose your doors and windows in our catalog and set them to easily obtain the desired dimensions
• Draw the complete collections of kitchen furniture, fully customizable and styles for all tastes and all kinds of facilities
• Create and customize your planks and tiles with the specific tool
• Coupe 2D with 3D cutting and quotes

Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

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