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3D Coat 3.5 x64 CUDA    

3D Coat 3.5 x64 CUDA Manufacture: Other
Category: Graphics and Design
Retail Price: $ 129.95
Our Price: $ 59.95
You save: $ 70
Product Overview
Voxel sculpting allows you sculpt without any topological constraints and make complex details from nothing! You can change topology as you wish. Graphics and Design ; Other; download 3D Coat 3.5 x64 CUDA. This approach gives you an absolute feeling of freedom in sculpting. It is not based on surface deformation but on volume building and filling. Feel like a true artist here, dont think about polygons and structure, just express yourself as an artist!

The new version of 3D-Coat:
  •  Improved capabilities sculpting: Added Voxel sculpting allows you to work without any topological constraints. It is not based on surface deformation, but on the construction and filling volume.
  • 3D-Coat V3 supports NVIDIA CUDA technology which increases productivity when working on a volume sculpting.
  • Per pixel painting - the possibility of per-pixel drawing on polygonal surfaces.
  • Improved tools for topology change.
  • Improved user interface. The new customizable interface is divided into several functional panels, each of which has its own set of hot keys and the merged panels.
  • Improved tools for UV mapping.
  • Added the ability to render the scene with such parameters as: antialiasing, depth of field, ambient occlusion and soft shadows. Graphics and Design ; Other; download 3D Coat 3.5 x64 CUDA.
  • Now you can customize the background scene: You can use a gradient, an image or a panoramic image

What’s New in version 3.5:
  • Support for the creation and editing of multiple UV sets
  • New multi-resolution & caching voxel tools! Sculpt and make changes on your low resolution version and the changes will be propogated to the high resolution version
  • Multi-threaded merging! Any merging operation (ie., moving voxel objects between surface mode and voxel mode, move/pose tools, etc.) is now multi-threaded, allowing for a much faster sculpting speed with less hinderance in your work flow
  • Color sampling via the clip board allows you to sample colors from Photoshop and Reference Image from Leigh Bamforth, for use in 3D-Coat
  • GTX 400 series video card support
  • Improved support of Ptex to Renderman
  • Custom texture resolution with Ptex
  • Autopo. New auto retopology tool!
  • Improved visual Spline preset viewer
  • Create and upload turntables automatically
  • Option to paint over disconnected objects
  • Countless bug fixes and work flow improvements!

Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

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