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3com Network Supervisior 5.2    

3com Network Supervisior 5.2 Manufacture: Other
Category: Internet
Retail Price: $ 69.95
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Product Overview
3Com Network Supervisor is a powerful yet easy-to-use management application that graphically discovers, maps, and displays network links and IP devices, including 3Com NBX telephones and some popular third-party products. Internet ; Other; download 3com Network Supervisior 5.2. It maps devices and connections so you can easily monitor stress levels, set thresholds and alerts, view network events, generate reports in user-defined formats, and launch device configuration tools. Whats more, when your network changes, you can prompt 3Com Network Supervisor to regenerate the appropriate part of the map to ensure that you have current information. Automated operations, intelligent defaults, and the ability to detect network misconfigurations and offer optimization suggestions make this application ideal for network managers at all levels of experience. Together with the optional 3Com Network Supervisor Advanced Package, 3Com Network Supervisor Version 3.5 helps businesses manage larger networks and easily upgrade agent software in 3Com devices.

IBM compatible PC Processor: minimum Pentium III 500 MHz; recommended Pentium 4 1 Ghz or more RAM: minimum 256 MB; recommended 512 MB or more Free hard disk space:minimum 250 MB; recommended 250 MB Display: minimum SVGA monitor,256 colors, 1024 x 768; recommended:SVGA monitor, 64K colors, 1024 x 768 3Com Network Supervisor is fully supported by Windows 2000 Professional (with Service Pack 4 or later), and Windows XP Professional (with Service Packs 1 and 2). Important: Windows XP Service Pack 2 introduces several changes which increase your PCs network security, but which by default can also affect the ability of 3Com network management applications to discover and map your network. For more information on running 3Com network management software on Windows XP Service Pack 2, please visit http://www. Internet ; Other; download 3com Network Supervisior 5.2.3com.com/netman/winxpsp2/

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