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2D3 Boujou Three V3.0    

2D3 Boujou Three V3.0 Manufacture: Other
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Our Price: $ 24.95
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Product Overview
The pioneering and most advanced automated tracking application, boujou is proven in thousands of feature films, TV series, commercials, industrial and architectural visualizations, scientific and forensic reconstructions, simulations and more. other ; Other; download 2D3 Boujou Three V3.0. Now with boujou three, completely new engineering delivers up to 10 times the performance of previous versions, and adds powerful new capabilities that make it the fastest, most accurate and versatile tracking application available. Unlike other camera trackers in its class, boujou is based from the ground up on automation. And its automation with control: you can steer the tracking engine in the direction you want, with easy to use tools designed to help you deal rapidly with any kind of material. From shots that solve perfectly with just one button-press, to the most demanding and unusual tracking situations, boujou gives you the speed and convenience of automated tracking, under the precision control of a suite of advanced tools that are equal to any challenge.

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