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1Password PRO 5.1 German    

1Password PRO 5.1 German Manufacture: Other
Category: other
Retail Price: $ 49.95
Our Price: $ 19.95
You save: $ 30
Product Overview
1Password - the data storage with access through a master password

    * Secure storage of passwords
    * Hard secure data encryption with choice of six encryption routines
    * 1Password was the first software with the ultimate shortcut, so the data selection program window is closed
    * Number of import and export functions
    * Own print function
    * Stand-alone program that can be used as an installation version on a USB stick or a U3 Device

What are other independent programs is included with 1Password:

   1st Password Generator to quickly create secure passwords and password lists
   2nd Encrypting files to keep them hidden from prying eyes with password
   3rd Reading ***- password fields to forgotten passwords to make them visible again (not in web pages)
   4th TAN-list manager in the old (TAN) and new form (iTAN)

Do you feel the same way? If one is in the Internet, you have to remember many user names and passwords, whether for dial-up internet for the various providers for collection of e-mails or for transferring data via FTP. other ; Other; download 1Password PRO 5.1 German. To get access to various Internet service providers. And the worst: At some point the valuable piece of paper disappear with all the important data.

. other ; Other; download 1Password PRO 5.1 German
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